The Wild Mother

The 25th Anniversary Edition

By Elizabeth Cunningham

Enter the world of The Wild Mother— modern fairytale, bold biblical midrash, filled with the psychological depth and imaginative originality for which the author of The Maeve Chronicles is known. This 25th anniversary edition of Elizabeth Cunningham’s classic feminist novel is as fresh and timeless today as when it was first released to critical acclaim.

Adam Underwood and Eva Brooke appear to be made for each other. Both are single parents. Both are academics, he a dazzling, enigmatic professor of Alchemy, she a humble but dedicated professor of Fairytales. Adam’s children, Ionia and Fred, share a latchkey after school with Eva’s precocious son, Jason. So why don’t Adam and Eva marry and live happily ever after?

Eva can’t help wondering. Pathologically polite, she cannot bring herself to ask personal questions. She struggles not to find it strange that Adam has never so much as mentioned his children’s absent mother. Nor has Adam’s own mother-cum-housekeeper, the peppery, outspoken Ursula, ever uttered her name. Yet Eva glimpses the missing woman in ten-yearold Ionia’s haunted and haunting purple eyes and in Ionia’s drawings of a woman dancing on the crest of a hill, wild black hair spread out against the sky….

Then one night, she returns: Lilith, the wild mother. The precarious status quo that Eva, Adam, and their families have achieved is shattered and their world is turned inside out or, more precisely, outside in.

As wild breaks into their lives, Adam, obsessed with control, attempts to seal them all in a deadly trap. Now a crucial challenge confronts each one of them. Will these very human beings embrace their own wildness, risking all they value and understand? Or will they deny the freedom essential to Lilith’s nature—and their own.

This anniversary reissue includes a brand new preface written by the author.

About Elizabeth Cunningham

The author of nine novels and four collections of poems, Elizabeth Cunningham enjoys the borderlands between genres: history with elements of fantasy, fairytale with psychological realism, mystery and thriller that include humor as well as suspense. She has recorded music inspired by her best known work, The Maeve Chronicles. She is also the author of a graphic novel. Cunningham lives in New York State in the valley of the Mahicantuck, the river that flows both ways. She loves to hike, garden, nap with her cat, and practice Tai Chi Chuan. She is passionate about the preservation and restoration of her region and the planet. In addition to writing, she is a counselor in private practice. The mother of grown children, she lives with her husband, Douglas Smyth, and her cat, Brigette. for more:

Product Details

Nov 11, 2018 | 516 pages | 6 x 9

Hardcover | $35.00 | ISBN 9781944190118

Paperback | $24.95 | ISBN 9781944190125

Ebook | $9.99 | ISBN 9781944190132

Critical Acclaim for The Wild Mother

“A beguiling tour de force.”

Publishers Weekly

“The Wild Mother will take you on a journey through another world, with profound implications for how you view your own.”

Lilith Magazine

“Cunningham offers a contemporary feminist fairy tale…she gracefully blends the mythical and magical with the humane.”

Kirkus Reviews