The Book of Madge (Her Book)

Meet Madge: the outspoken, irreverent, hand-drawn character in all her (naked) glory!

Princess Olga

At ninety-seven years old, Olga Quintero Smyth is living in an adult care facility and wrestling with dementia. She dreams of her childhood, of her family’s luxurious life and relives the dangers caused by her family’s role in “defending” the Venezuelan dictator from a restive exile community in 1920’s Trinidad.

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The Road Home to You

The Road Home To You is a collection of poetry and essays that chronicle the aftermath of Tim’s “coming out” and his retreat to a healing community in upstate New York to safely enter the dark night of the soul.

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Creating quality, radical works

Imagination Fury Arts is an alternative media partnership of artists, scholars, and publishing specialists. Our intention is to share illuminating, transformative, educational, and revolutionary works created by members of politically and economically disenfranchised communities.

We aim to create opportunities that amplify the voices of those who have been denied access to freedom of artistic expression through conventional agreements with the dominant mass-media complex and whose stories have historically, politically, and culturally been excluded from mainstream avenues because of systemic oppression.

In coalition with these voices, we create quality, radical works through book publication [inclusive of fiction, essay, memoir, poetry, photography, etc.] and music recording.

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