Imagination Fury Arts is an alternative media partnership of artists, scholars, and publishing specialists. Our intention is to share illuminating, transformative, educational, and revolutionary works created by members of politically and economically disenfranchised communities. We aim to create opportunities that amplify the voices of those who have been denied access to freedom of artistic expression through conventional agreements with the dominant mass-media complex and whose stories have historically, politically, and culturally been excluded from mainstream avenues because of race, gender, class, sexuality, ability, age, physical appearance or expression, educational status, occupation, religion, criminal history, and/or any other form of white supremacist capitalist patriarchal oppression. In coalition with these voices, we create quality, radical works through book publication [inclusive of fiction, essay, memoir, poetry, photography, etc.] and music recording.

We have found and continue to find great inspiration in Olivia Records, Redwood Records, Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press, Diana Press, Shameless Hussy Press, and other independent art creators of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. These collectives and organizations created art for themselves, by themselves. It is because they dared to create with this intention that we get to reimagine our realities with their books in our hands and their music in our ears, giving us the tools to dream. We desire to expand on their significance to our worldview by presenting new literature and recordings, continuing the essential labor of heritage preservation and knowledge sharing.

Our mission is to generate art independent from the influences of mainstream thought, (i.e. white supremacy, patriarchy, heterosexism, lesbophobia, transmisogyny, capitalism, consumerism, ableism, ageism, sizeism, organized religion, and respectability politics). We feel that the creation and distribution of art have been manipulated by these oppressive constructs (especially in the last 40 years), and our desire is to provide a safe (defined here as “promoting of self-care, free from violence and abuse“), collaborative space for artists and those who utilize their works to expand their consciousnesses. In this space, art is a medium to be discovered and contemplated; to illuminate and service alternative narratives, both new and historical.